Our advantages

Our advantages


Professional Consulting Capability

The rich experience in Smart Factory and IT project implementation for large domestic central enterprises and small and medium sized private enterprises helps us fully understand the Petroleum, chemical, lithium, coal, steel, automotive industries and enables us to give out reasonable IT and intelligent solutions for our clients, satisfying their actual development and business requirements. In terms of the general IT framework, application system selection and implementation, hardware and software configuration, standardized management and information security, our consulting teams are able to propose complete IT planning and business solutions consulting service based on the users’ actual characteristics. This ensures the progressiveness, practicability and scalability of the IT systems in enterprises, and help users achieve their goal of excellent operation.

Excellent Skills

Attaching great importance to technology accumulation and technological innovation, PreamSolutions has developed more than 30 software products with independent intellectual property rights, covering various business applications such as ERP, MES, real-time database and equipment management required for business operations. PreamSolutions intelligence team provides customers with advanced technologies and solutions such as production optimization control model, equipment predictive maintenance model, IoT data mining and analysis, and instrument safety management. PreamSolutions research and development team integrates various cutting-edge technologies together, and successfully builds a quark cloud platform, which differs from the traditional software development model, and improves the software development efficiency by leaps and bounds. At the same time, Quark Cloud generates a rapidly-developed software ecosystem and provides a new business model for the software industry.

   ◆Reliable Implementation Capability

PreamSolutions has an experienced and talented technical services team. These members accumulate rich IT and project management experience by involving in IT projects implementation and form our comprehensive consulting team with good business understanding, technology absorbing and management capability. Meanwhile, we are equipped with standardized implementation methodology and a complete quality assurance system to guarantee the accomplishment of projects in terms of their duration, quality and quantity.

   ◆ Efficient Operation and Maintenance Capability

The experiences we have enriched through IT construction projects implementation give us alert in time and effectively avoid risks which may occur during projects. At the same time, our stable and professional technical services team and sound and energetic after-sales service system can ensure a comprehensive and lasting business operation and system maintenance support to be provided to our customers.

   ◆Extensive Integration Capability

PreamSolutions has established sound strategic cooperation relationships with many well-known IT companies at home and abroad, including SAP, IBM, Capgemini, Hand, PCITC, DigitalChina, etc. Several cooperative projects have been successful implemented. By working with these companies, we not only provide more solutions and service resources to ensure our customers to obtain the industry best practices and success, but also have enhanced our ability of system integration, which helps enterprises to integrate different systems into one new powerful system according to their application needs, so that the resource can be shared and managed in a centralized, efficient and convenient way.

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