Operation and Maintenance Support Service

Operation and Maintenance Support Service


With hundreds of operation and maintenance support personnel, and senior operation and maintenance consulting, management, business and technical personnel beyond 30% of the total, the company has been certified by ISO20000 Information Technology Service Management System, and has established a complete operation and maintenance support service system; dedicating to providing specialized IT operation and maintenance system planning and consulting, IT operation and maintenance platform design and construction, and IT operation and maintenance support services. IT operation and maintenance support business covers information infrastructure, business systems, information security and business management and other areas of operation and maintenance. With overall IT outsourcing services and large data center operation management experience, through the establishment of IT-based operation and maintenance support management process, the company can provide proactive services. And relying on years of operation and maintenance support experience and excellent team of experts to ensure service quality, the company continuously improves customer service availability, and then achieves the in-depth integration of informatization and business. It helps customers to establish and continuously improve the operation and maintenance support capabilities, and develop harmoniously in four aspects of personnel, resources, process and technology, and gradually establish and improve the adaptive operation and maintenance mode of its centralization, process, automation and virtualization.

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