Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services


PreamSolutions can provide 5 kinds of outsourcing service.

1、Overall Outsourcing of IT Resources: To provide customers with a complete set of IT system planning, procurement, implementation, operation and maintenance, consulting, and training, it’s suitable for companies that do not want to set up an IT department or hire IT engineers, and are eager to reduce operating costs.

2、Single IT Technology Outsourcing Service: Some customers have insufficient computer personnel, and it is difficult to cope with the daily complicated incidents. We can help them with the troublesome things, such as network construction, hardware equipment maintenance, and individual software development. We can charge the customers for the service based on the project, time, amount of equipment, etc.

3、Maintenance Outsourcing: When the system has been built, the maintenance staff does not have much work in daily time but would be too busy when there is a problem. We can provide random maintenance outsourcing services. When customers encounter problems, they can enjoy the technical support of our team to maintain the normal operation of the built system.

4、The purpose of IT industry information consultation is to help customers find the right price ratio and get timely and accurate understanding of the IT industry's cutting-edge technology trends; The purpose of system solutions is to promptly and effectively propose reasonable optimized and upgraded plan according to the actual situation of the enterprise network, so that enterprise network system is always at its best.

5、Relying on many years’ rich experience of consultation, development and implementation in the field of intelligent manufacturing and information technology, it can undertake IT project outsourcing business.

To provide customers with HR outsourcing service according to the project demands.

1、Based on many years’ experience of consultation, implementation and development in SAP, PreamSolutions can provide intermediate and senior consulting and implementation consultants for PM、MM、FI、CO、TR、HR、PP、PS、SD、MDM、MII、ABAP and other modules in SAP.

2、With the development of big data, Internet and mobile applications, according to the company's business conditions, PreamSolutions gradually reserves resources including personnel in .NET, JAVA, Android, IOS, Html5, Hadoop, UI/UE design, PHP, Sharepoint, BI, DBA , SQL, Oracle, big data analysis, system operation and maintenance, implementation, testing, art, database development and other modules, as well as project managers, architects, product managers, requirement analysis and other intermediate and senior personnel.

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